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To use voteclustering, please send us an email with the following information.

  • Basic information of you and your survey (listed below)


By sending us an email, you are deemed to have understood and agreed with the following policy.

Please understand that we are not conducting this project as a service. We accept your request for the purpose of developing the present framework and improving the statistical analysis behind. Therefore, we may not accept all requests. We prioritize the requests that are more likely to be large-scale and draw interesting outcomes. We prioritize requests for academic and nonprofit purposes over the ones for buisiness purposes.

With that being said, we basically accept all kinds of surveys. Please feel free to contact us!


  1. After your email is sent, we will consider your request.
  2. We then ask you to sign our consent form.
  3. You set up questions using our Survey Setting Sysmtem.
  4. The survey will be active in few days.
  5. After the survey is conducted, we will send you the results and analysis.

Please take an ethical review with your own responsibility when it is required. Also, please note that we are not hiring respondents. Therefore, when you conduct a public survey, you will need to ask people to respond by yourself.

Basic information of you and your survey

Your email
Survey type Academic, Nonprofit, etc.
Survey period Starting date and Expiring date
Data/results treatment Open dataset, Temporarily confidential (+condition), or Confidential
Purpose Please briefly explain.
Target respondents Public, Survey monitors that you have a contract, Members of your organization, etc.